The Win Big Australia Competitions Club

Win Big Australia is a members only competitions club that combines the fast pace action of Penny Auctions with Competitions to create a uniquely fun and rewarding ‘Game of Skill’ experience.

The Win Big Australia Competitions Club uses the ‘Click to Bid, Enter & Win’ system that allows Win Big Members use their Bidding Skills to win more competitions and prizes more often.

New members can register a free account the Win Big Australia Competitions Club and get instant access to win the best members only, online competitions and prizes each month, all at the click of a button.

Have you got the skills to WIN BIG!?? Winning is easy. To win, use your Win Big Tokens and simply ‘Click to Bid & Enter’ the competitions that you want to win. Each click moves your name into the Winners position and if your name is in the Winner’s position when the timer hits zero then you WIN BIG!

Because you don’t just want to win……you want to WIN BIG!!